January 31, 2011

The Top 5 Reasons To Run

You know all the obvious reasons to start running – it can help you lose those holiday pounds or that baby weight, and it’s good for your body, lowering cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy – but have you considered that running also has many benefits aside from these?

You may be running (or walking) for fun, fitness or competition; or you may be running with a certain goal in mind. Whatever your reason or goal we are eager to help, support and encourage you. At Runner’s Edge we love to help people find their style of running – whether it be marathons, cross country or triathlons. We embrace the running lifestyle and believe that the main reason to start running is that it is a great “life exercise”- it's simple, convenient, and easy to maintain throughout your life. We also know how difficult it is to find the time, energy, and motivation to get out there and exercise, especially after long days at work, school, or with the kids. Once you have considered the following 5 other reasons to start running, we know you won't look back!

1. Mental Health

We are familiar with the physical benefits of running and exercise, but did you know that working out can lead to improvements in mental health and emotional well-being too? This is especially beneficial during the cold, dark, dreary days of winter. Get up, go outside, and enjoy the rush of endorphins you get from working out. You’ll feel instantly re-energized, more positive, and more relaxed, and these effects will continue to last! If you can maintain your running schedule during the winter it can really help to beat the winter blues.

2. Knocking Down Negativity

Nothing works as well on your self-esteem as working out. Setting goals for yourself can help you push through negative thoughts and assumptions. Each time you think you can’t run another minute and then you succeed it will boost your self-esteem.

Many people are worried about working out, thinking “I can’t do this” “I’m out of shape” “I’m weak” etc – setting and achieving goals will knock down all those NOs and CAN’Ts . I can’t do it will soon become yes I can! Your fitness, self-esteem and confidence will all increase with regular running. Motivate yourself further by rewarding yourself after every goal – a new pair of athletic running shoes when you complete your first 5k?

3. Lower Stress & Improve Energy

Like most forms of exercise, running is an excellent way to decrease stress. Powering through a run will literally sweat out all the stress you’ve accumulated that day!

Additionally, running is a great way to boost your energy levels. Runners who train in the morning report higher levels of energy and focus through the day. If you’re feeling sluggish and lethargic, go for a run – even a mile can make a huge difference in your energy levels. The only hurdle you need to overcome is mental – the desire not to go, the inherent laziness and inertia, once you have battled that nothing is insurmountable!

4. It’s Free

Unlike gym memberships, fitness and weight equipment, yoga classes, personal training, and boot camp classes, running is free. The only things you need are good running shoes and good running apparel, nothing else is needed to participate (although we recommend an mp3 player and running safety accessories!).

5. Convenience

Running is a solo sport and, as such, relies entirely on you. You run when you can, and since there’s no specific equipment or locations necessary, you can accomplish a quick morning jog around your neighborhood or a brief run on your lunch break. On weekends, seek out new terrains to run on or find a local running group (also free!). With running, there’s no guilt associated with paying huge sums of money for a yoga studio membership you only frequent once a week. There’s no anxiety in trying to schedule a morning workout at the gym but worrying about morning rush hour traffic and getting the kids ready for school. You can schedule you own runs, find beautiful new locales to run and enjoy the scenery, and even make some new friends!

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